Saturday, November 12, 2011


Preliminary posting here:

I'm using a former, whiny blog I wrote in to restore your joyous opinions of me, not as some prat who seethes wanton hatred of ze world but as some half-dressed, beer-loving, locomotion-obsessed globetrotter.

I should have documented Western Kenya, New Orleans, or Raleigh but hindsight is really clear.  So at least I'm starting here, a lot more mature than I had been during those travels and much more motivated to write about them.  I'll be packing tonight so I'll let you in on more when I post again.  I've last-minute preparations to make now, including seeing family.  So, until later comrades!

Feel free to post photographs of yourselves naked.  I want to justify changing this blog to an adult one. /kidding

I miss you all already.


Haus Frau Keighley said...

Good luck and have fun on your travels!

mr. shy said...

Linked, Lovesong. Will follow.